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The Balaton region in Hungary.

Hungary is located in Central Europe and has a wonderful climate. The summers are long and the winters are not too severe. In March it is already possible to enjoy spring in your garden. The national currency is the Forint, and the language is Hungarian.

We mediate in the purchase of real estate in the county Zala, at Lake Balaton. Nature is beautiful here with many protected birds. The water in the lake is clear and clean. Motorboats are strictly prohibited. Only salingboats or electric boats are allowed on lake Balaton. You can also rent these.

Lake Balaton is the largest lake (592 km ²) of Central Europe.

The lake is located in western Hungary and has an elongated shape: the length is nearly 80 km, the maximum width is 15 km. The maximum depth is 12 meters, the average depth is three meters, however, so the water warms up quickly in summertime. Water temperatures of 25 degrees in the summer are normal. The north shore (National Park) is characterized by vineyards on the slopes of the extinct basaltic volcanoes. Here you find wonderful views over the hills and the lake Balaton.

In this part of Hungary we find the famous resorts Keszthely , Gyenesdias and Balatongyorok. These towns have great beaches at lake Balaton. You can lie in the sun, or enjoy the shade of hundreds year old trees. This region is ideal for people who love nature and swimming. Culture can be found in Keszthely and Tapolca, two nearby cities. In summer there are often wine festivals with Hungarian music.

In the spa town Héviz we find the largest thermal lake in the world. This is a unique experience! The water temperature ranges from 28-38 degrees and the lake is open all year. The thermal water has a beneficial effect. It is good for people with rheumatism and could heal muscle and joint diseases and dermatological and neurological disorders.